The Colosseum of Rome

The Colosseum of Rome
The great four storeyed stone amphibeater, which could seat 50,000 spectators, completed in A.D.80.
Colosseum of Rome
Above thee ground are four storeys, the upper storey contained seating for lower classes and women. The lowest storey was preserved for prominent citizens. Below the ground were rooms with mechanical devices and cages containing wild animals. The cages cold be hoisted, enabling the animals to appear in the middle of the arena.
Roman Colosseum
Emperors used the Colosseum to entertain the public with free games. Those games were a symbol of prestige and power and they were a way for an emperor to increase his popularity.
Games were held for a whole day or even several days in a row. They usually started with comical acts and displays of exotic animals and ended with fights to the death between animals and gladiators or between gladiators. These fighters were usually slaves, prisoners of war or condemned criminals. Sometimes free Romans and even Emperors took part in the action.
The southern side of the Colosseum was felled by an earthquake in 847.